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The world is changing...

We can change it for the better by advancing architectures!

Future Vision

The Future Begins Here and Now in Texas, in Austin!


What is The Great Energy Leak?

This Great Leak is the single most costly design oversight in American history!

We all have it, front and center on all sides!


Arctic Front Viola perfectly exposed our burgeoning flaw, an endless growth of energy grid accounts leaking underbellies since the 1945-invention called the monolithic concrete foundation began!


Elon Musk is offering $100 million in a special contest to anyone who can machine-remove spent carbon from the air!

My approach instead will earn many Trillions of dollars cumulative, ultimately fixing our homes in a profoundly beautiful way in what I see as our greatest cause to date!


This is by no fault of government, nor is government capable to winterize any of it!

No New Green New Deal can touch it, Only Pure Capitalism will!


Project 2060 is my perfect solution,

my first of two Zero to One inventions that will help make fast millionaires out of all 3000 .005% Ticket co-owners!

Launching this, the greatest Adventure in design advancements, is called American Futurism, to bring America back together, building it together!


Now lets have some FUN! Lorin

"Kansas Indego"

18" x 60"