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Design ~ Artistry ~ Craftsmanship

Constructing Architecture with durability applying the Arc. Innovating with digital precision to enhance the World!


Design ~ Artistry ~ Craftsmanship

Inventing Architecture with a Toy that masters the Arc. Developing the Toy that rivals Lego while changing the World!

Patent Pending

Flow Toy

Design ~ Artistry ~ Craftsmanship

Turning to Architecture with the Arbor. Lasting materials. Continuing the mastery of the arc! 2010


Design ~ Artistry ~ Craftsmanship

Doubling the life-time of a wood fence.

Pet-Safe riding floating rail design.  Beginning the mastery of the arc! 2010


Quality: Hand-Eye Coordination ~ Mastery Craftsmanship is knowledge, performance and effort meant to create lasting works. Educated, design-on-the-spot, mastery of handwork fashions artistry. Forever

Fine Craft

Beauty: What is pleasing to the eye,

 is good design.

Quality of performance, control of form, proportion, composition, and luck all work to please innocent eyes. Mastery


Invention: The Product of Observation

The Powers of Invention are many.

Solutions to life's challenges can benefit all. Invention creates new pathways of advancement yet traveled. Lasting


Advancing Structures and Capabilities for our Future World

The History of all things Flow

The world is changing...

We can change it for the better by advancing architectures!

Future Vision

"Kansas Indego"

18" x 60"